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About BeeLocal

iPhone with the BeeLocal app displayed on it

BeeLocal on the Go!

Find public services when you're out and about by browsing BeeLocal from your smartphone.

Its sleek design makes it easy to "like," share, and comment on places you discover.

Need to find an emergency shelter, a health clinic or job assistance? Help is right around the corner.

From free tax filing and after school programs, to employment services and food assistance, BeeLocal provides easy access to over 300,000 public service locations across the United States.

BeeLocal enables users to find nearby public services anywhere they're connected, whether it's through their smartphone or on their desktop computer. By simply entering their location, users will be connected to the most relevant local resources, all organized into intuitive categories.

BeeLocal encourages users to “like,” share and comment on listings and suggest new places for inclusion. Top contributors can become “stars” in their city!

BeeLocal is a Beehive product developed by One Economy.

Current Version: Beta 1.18

Supported Devices:

BeeLocal supports desktop browsers and Webkit-enabled mobile browsers.

About One Economy

One Economy is a global non-profit organization that leverages the power of technology and connects underserved communities around the world to vital information that will improve their lives.

Our mission is to ensure that every person, regardless of income and location, can maximize the power of technology to improve the quality of his or her life and enter the economic mainstream.

More than 19 million people have used One Economy's online tools and resources, including thebeehive.org, to build better lives. Learn more at one-economy.com.

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